Friday, November 12, 2010

Italian Night

Tonight is Italian Night.  We are having spaghetti, salad, bread, and dessert!  I actually planned this one early this week since our chruch small group is coming here.  It is so nice to have things planned ahead.  ...contented sigh...

Anyway, the sauce is already cooked (someday I'll share my bulk cooking hints).  All I have to do today is clean the house, heat the sauce (hello, crockpot), and cook the pasta.  That is the hard it so that it is ready early enough to wash the pans and have them out of the way, but not get mushy as it sits.  Any hints?

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  1. Under cook the pasta by about a minute. Rinse and drain well. Coat with a little olive oil and put in the refrigerator. Re-boil briefly to reheat. Does this really save much time...I don't know, but we can try. :)